Le CD « Cathédrales de brume » du groupe « Dawn & Dusk Entwined »

Extrait de la présentation du disque sur la page MySpace que le groupe Dawn & Dusk Entwined a consacré au CD qu’il a composé en s’inspirant totalement de l’intrigue de notre roman : www.myspace.com/cathedralesdebrume

Le livre et le disque sont sortis simultanément en Octobre 2009.

« Petrified inside a crystal sarcophagus drifting in outer space, a shipwrecked is condemned to endure an incredible odyssey of several million years. Without being able to move. Without being able to commit suicide.

Amaranth Heliaktor has for only company an electronic sentinel who helps him to shape the virtual worlds that remain his only outlets left.

Immerging within an inner universe that lives in parrallel to a rough and insane reality, he wonders his own sensations, body and soul. As he touches the absolute beauty, he has some stirring, hallucinating, sensual encounters.

Then he works to his own damnation before accomplishing the ultimate metamorphosis.

Confronted to the inexpressible, he seeks refuge in these onirical architectures that he lovingly names … his cathedrals of mist ! »

We talk here about sci-fi, you’ll have guessed, but much more than this actually.

Dawn & Dusk Entwined will take part to the « Cathedrals of mist » adventure that have written Gil Prou and Oksana (yes, the famous french pornstar !), giving to the audience a musical vision completely inspired by the novel plot, and which will be released at the very same time as the novel, to underline their perfect complementarity !

So this new album is not to be seen as a « usual » Dawn & Dusk Entwined new album, because it was composed under the inspiration of the forthcoming novel « Cathedrals of mist« , and will have the same name.

The music succeeds in crystalizing and magnifying the various adventures of this surreal plot, creating gloomy and agonizing atmospheres that symbolize the destiny of a human being condemned to wander simultaneously in the arcanes of space and of his inner psyche.

 It has 27 titles for a 73 mn length album.

Some random song titles: Emmïgraphys, Entrevue d’éternité, L’Astrée, Solitude, Noctis Labyrinthus, Sophonisba, Le vaisseau fantôme, Dégénérescence, L’île des Morts, Trou noir, L’ultime quête

The authors :

The famous pornstar Oksana is fond of cosmology, martial arts and egyptian civilization.

A former director at the FNAC (the most famous french cultural distributor), Gil Prou is gratuated in Egyptology and fond of neo-platonian philosophy and poetry, and a great fan of dark-metal.

These strange connections allow them to shake the intellectual restraints that fossilize our imaginations.

Cathedrals of mist is the first illustration of this will to look further, higher and broader. A quest of alterity without boundaries.

Cathedrals of mist is prefaced by the famous astrophysician Jean-Pierre Luminet.